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A Baseball Player who played his best years in Oakland on steroids. In 2004 when he was on the Yankees, he testified that he took many steroids, admitting that he was a steroid taking asshole, unlike mark mcgwire and barry bonds who "didn't know" he was taking steroids. Giambi is slowly regaining baseball skills, but he will never be as good as he was while on the juice.
Person: Jason Giambi is a steroid taking asshole
Other Person: At least he admitted he was taking steroids, unlike other assholes
by BaseballFanatic27 July 09, 2005
a type of sexual maneuver, where one shoots his load on a girls chest, licks it off and then swallows it. named after the famous yankees slugger who uses it as his signature move; allegedly it turns on girls.'
"I'm gonna pull a Jason Giambi on Sarah tonight."
"Dude that's gay. Why the fuck would you drink your own cum?"
"Good point."
by Yanke August 08, 2007
noe a true yankees but although he made a mistake he still good and is still going to come on top.
he he mad a mistake,give him a break.
by yankeesrule March 10, 2005
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