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Amazing baseball player who hit mammoth homeruns. whoever wrote the entry about him being a fatass and having only one skill, go look at his pitching statistics.
He is also the red sox's biggest mistake further proving that the red sox suck.
Barry Bonds may have hit a 715th homerun but hes still no babe ruth!
by dan June 18, 2006
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A sexual manuever that occurs either when fucking a woman in the missionary position or getting head. To pull off a Babe Ruth, a man pulls out right as he is about to climax. Then, much like the Bambino's famous home run, the man calls his shot--pointing to the spot on his partner's face where he will blow his load--and successfully spooges in that very spot.
1. Joe called his shot, then did a Babe Ruth all over Karen's left nipple.
2. "Of course she won't blow you anymore, not after you did a Babe Ruth right in her eye!"
by PPabs October 27, 2003
A Rohrer 714 (Quaalude). They were called a Babe Ruth because he hit 714 home runs.
I dropped a Babe Ruth.
by Matthew Wynn October 09, 2006
The act of walking into a party, identifying someone who you plan to hookup with, and successfully going home with said person.

Inspired by the athlete's ability to point to a precise location in the stadium where he would hit his home run, the act of "Babe Ruth-ing" often involves identifying a potential conquest immediately upon entering a party.
OMG, Kevin had great game tonight. He walked right into Jorge's party and Babe Ruth'd that cute girl ... within 30minutes they had left together. Home runnnn.
by DCChuck April 18, 2011
While you're having sex and she's about to come, push her away, pull out a baseball bat, and hit her in the face with it.
I gave her a babe ruth that she'll never remember.
by Blaxk November 17, 2007
1.A person who excels in one aspect of a sport and completely blows in every other part of the sport.
2. The person who the previous definition originates. Was a national icon until his crowning glory was broken by someone named Mickey.
3. A fatass who is lucky enough to have a single skill that makes him or her worthy of not being killed.
1. Babe Ruth was the master at not getting to first base without hitting a homerun.
2. Babe Ruth was a Yankee so he got a lot of money.
3. Im thinking about telling off Trenton, but that Babe Ruth is damn good at making sandwiches.
by Josephmr June 20, 2005
When a man is about to ejaculate, he points in the direction he wishes to splooge and swings his penis like a bat. The cum shoots out and lands where the man pointed.
While Bob and Susie were having sex on a balcony, Bob pulled out and did a Babe Ruth off the side of the balcony where the cum landed on Mary's head, Bob's neighbor.
by TheBigDZaster March 29, 2015

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