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A show that has both traumatic and comedic qualities.
Last week's episode of ER was a traumedy.
by yaliblu January 31, 2005
a language that is seemingly in between a pidgin and a creole language
I put that the language was a cridgin on the quiz, because I was not sure if it was a pidgin or a creole.
by yaliblu January 31, 2005
1. A clipped version of 'information' combined with 'maniac; one who has an excess amount of information.

2. One who has too much information.

3. A general know-it-all.
Go ask Susan for the answer; she's an infomaniac.
by yaliblu February 01, 2005
An adjective consisting of morphemes from the words fantastic, excellent, and fabulous. This word is used to describe something that exceptionally great and worth raving about. Intonation will rise in the middle of the word, depending on how it is used.
Batman Begins and Constantine were both fantastabexelous!
by yaliblu June 20, 2005
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