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what your dog is checking when it sniff's for other dog's recent urination; then returns the pee-mail
"honey, im waiting for ripley to check her Pee-mail; we'll catch up"
by xynth3a November 28, 2009
1) virtual friends of a newly published Urban Dictionary word creator
2) imaginary friends of a N.P.U.D.W.C.
3) chatsers or bloggsters on Urban Dictionary
"wut up my Urbuds?"

"hey Urbuds--- just got my first word published!"
by xynth3a November 28, 2009
strong deep massage with Man Hands (not girley)
"Honey, give me a Mansagge on my shoulder area"
by xynth3a November 28, 2009
1) when the wife of a major celebrity finds out about his sexual escapades and grabs the perfect object (usually directly related to his cause of celebrity) to beat the crap out of his vehicle and reputation (deservedly)
2) named for the nordic beauty of the same name
3) cause for a husband and father to think twice before doing something stupid
4) see "fatal attraction effect" prior to 11/26/2009
"honey, call 911.... i think the neighbor is experiencing the
Nordegren Effect in his front yard!".
by xynth3a December 02, 2009
1) people who think they are Illuminatti and really insecure
2) people who have read Da Vinci Code and know every nuance and are verrry shiny
3) people who saw "angels and demons" 2 times and memorized EVERYTHING
"honey, don't bother debating about archaic religeous symbols with him; he's an "Illumisnotti"."
by xynth3a December 01, 2009
1) someone who thinks they know what will happen in 2012.
2) a person with uncanny ability to predict stuffy sinus conditions
"Did you hear that Nostraldomus made another dire prediction?"

"No I smelled it"
by xynth3a December 01, 2009
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