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The modern day given name for a female, which stems from the name of the Phoenician lunar goddess, 'Tanit', who was worshiped as the patron goddess at Carthage, and is recognized as both a heavenly goddess of war and virginal mother goddess of love. Characteristically a girl prone to intense emotions, intellectual curiosity, a stubborn temperament, but also a tender heart. A Tanith is often kinder and more forgiving of others than she is to herself, and likewise both gives and expects too much of herself and others.
"You forgave him after that?! Wow, what a Tanith thing to do."

"I tried to get her to stop beating herself up about her mistake, but she was much too Tanith to listen."
by xy&...z February 03, 2010
The act of working on, or relating to, one's Ph.D.

Primarily used by postgraduate students in an attempt to refer to the overwhelming amount of work they have to do in a lighthearted, and positive manner -- despite the realistic stress, pressure, and guilt that are ever-present during doctoral study.
"I can't go out tonight, I have PhDness to catch up on."

Q: "Hey, what have you been up to lately?"
A: "Just PhDness."
by xy&...z February 03, 2010
To sleep.

It can also be used as an adjective "schlumphy" to describe the feeling of being extremely tired or sleepy.

Can alternatively be spelled schlümph, using the German umlaut above the <u>.

Origin: A malapropism formed accidentally in a moment of extreme tiredness, by an American, combing the German word for sleep "schlafen" with the German word for a Smurf, "schlumpf".
"I need to schlumph before the party."

"No, I can't go out; I'm way too schlümphy to drive."

"Sorry I missed your call; I was schlümphing."
by xy&...z February 03, 2010
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