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A little town that seems to get mentioned in random places. Has a mixed bunch of people including the usual chavs and chavettes along with the snobs and arrogant toads. Also has 2 grammar schools and make the people that don't get into them feel like crandulation!
Let's go to Skipton! Hmm... actually let's not...
by Helen33333 April 17, 2006
45 14
A place where i live. It is boring, has alot of sheep, some of which are plastic, and the grammer schools arent that good. but theyre better than airville, a lace where chavs go
i want to live in london, not skipton
by i am very bored December 30, 2010
13 6
a small town in north yorkshire basically consisting of chavs with more kids then teeth,pensioners and sheep.
dont go to skipton..its shit.
by woooo456778899 September 15, 2012
3 3
A small town in north yorkshire basicly consisting of sheep and old people.

visit it to find out wot im talking about!!
' man this place got more old people than skipton'
' u want boredom? go to skipton!!'
by xxljxx April 06, 2006
19 23
Friendly word meaning 'friend and bandmate'. Nothing to do with the town of Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK, or any other Skipton. Probably derived from Skipper and Captain, and used interchangeably with either.
Alreet, Skipton, are you up for practicing tonight?
by Richard Graham April 10, 2006
5 13