3 definitions by xxcoffeefeen

when a females vagina is so fat after sex that it looks like it has clap.
How was tracy last night?

She was good, but that bitch had serious afterclapp.
by xxcoffeefeen March 11, 2010
Pretty much when a group of guys plays a pretty girl in beer pong, and much to thier suprise..... SHE WINS!
Dude! You just got pong'd by that fine ass chick.
by xxcoffeefeen March 11, 2010
the act of someone slapping their hands against the inside of another persons thighs, often a measure of just how much inner-thigh fat they have.
A big girl looks upset in the corner at a party....

girl: What's wrong with that girl in the corner?

guy: Hahaha! She just got salmoned.
by xxcoffeefeen March 10, 2010

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