4 definitions by xspinningisfun

Acronym for the show Little House on the Prairie.
xmisfit: Hey, did you see that episode of lhotp where Albert dies?
isayLOL: lhotp is LAME.
by xspinningisfun January 04, 2010
Abbreviation for the word "within." People usually use this abbreviation while taking notes.
"The people w/in this community are crazy!"
by xspinningisfun February 08, 2010
An emoticon yawning.
Bob: Good morning, Jack.
Jack: :() Leave me a lone. I'm tired.
by xspinningisfun September 05, 2010
A number.
Bob: How old are you?
Ferdinand: I'm 8 years old!
by xspinningisfun December 22, 2009

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