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3 definitions by xqubit

An uber ninja for the digital age. Not only possessing the skills of a finely trained samurai, but the ability to speak in broken computer lingo while maintaining a superior intellect and always gaining ground with the ladies.
I was such a 1337 Ninja, I didn't even realize that I got shot.
by xqubit November 02, 2004
53 19
Bodily fluid of the cyber sense made up of little 1's and 0's usually released after watching online pr0n or cybering.
He E-cums all over the keyboard, releasing a flood of 0s and 1s on the poor girl on the other side.
by xqubit November 15, 2004
38 18
A way to excentuate a point of surprise or realization.
One minute it was there and then the next, SHAZAAM! In the butt!
by xqubit November 01, 2004
25 15