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the area of the storm when the weather fucks you the most
guy 1: "gahhh the weather is fucking me over!!"

guy 2: " ha your in the crotch of the storm
by xmastermattx May 02, 2008
1. one person who works at a mcdonalds joint who works anything there... yes, even the janitor is a mcslave,
mcslaves sell food to make their life have a purpose.

2. one who eats at mcdonalds constantly
1. "my freind is a mcslave and he works at the register"

2. "that Mcslave is a fatass"
by xmastermattx May 01, 2008
disease shitting everyday for a week ucontrollably...
usually painless
"dood i cant go to the concert i got shitiditus after tapping my gf"
by xmastermattx April 30, 2008
when you have a hangover like sickness feeling when you wake up after consuming alot of sugar products the previous day.
guy1:"man, i dont feel so good this morning, i feel like i have a hangover from the party last night."

guy2:"did you get drunk?"

guy1:"no, i had wayy to much cake, ice cream, and soda at my little bro's b-day party last night...."

guy2:"oh, i see, you have a sugarbuzz-over."
by xmastermattx June 01, 2009
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