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punkyfish is a clothes store where the clothing is mainly decorated with zips, straps, safety pins and chains. most of their stuff is over-priced and their main customers are little girls who want to be rebellious and seem punky. despite this, some of the clothes are actually quite nice. also very revealing! once i saw a top in there that had so many slashes across it it looked like a dog had attacked it and wearing it would leave your bra hanging out.
lil girl: mum you totally have to but this top for me!
mum: isnt it a bit revealing?
lil girl: so what! its punk-rawk isnt it... mummy?
mum: ok put it on my credit card
by xglass_heartx January 15, 2005
a spell or hex put upon someone.
He put the gris-gris on me! I'm doomed!
by xglass_heartx January 15, 2005
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