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The language spoken in Hawaii. There are more words in the Pidgin English language than proper English, because pidgin is derived from the combination of many other languages, now revolving around the base of english, there's hawaiian, filipino, japanese, and other languages added around that.
from what if first started off from, it transformed into something more grammatical, and with an accent of its own. Haoles have a hard time understanding, not just because we use words from another language, and because of the accent, but also because our sentencing is set up differently. the order in which we say sentences isn't english grammer format, it's more of a japanese, hawaiian, filipino format, haha.
spoken by locals of hawaii of any racial background, hawaiian, filipino, japanese, haole, etc; also spoken with many different degrees of pidginism, depending on what area of hawaii one may be in.
so, if get stupid haoles who think locals to hawaii is stupid cause we no speak proper english, then you're the ignorant fools, cause our pidgin language is more complex than your "proper english."
differences between pidgin and non-pidgin

local style: brah, when we going go to the store? i like get one musubi already!"
haole style: when will we be going to the store? i have quite a hunger, and am currently craving a hot dog.

local style: eh brah, what time now?
haole style: excuse me sir, but do you happen to have the time?

local style: eh braddah man, we go fishing!? i heard get mean kine strikes at polihua!
haole style: hey, would you like to go fishing? i heard the catfish at the lake are currently biting.
by xenoshi April 01, 2008
stupid haoles, i'm not sure what percentage of the haoles out there in the world are stupid haoles, but i know there's a great number of them. haole is the hawaiian word for foreigner, but mainly used for white people. i'm gonna spread it out to a broader sense of the world, instead of just keeping it in hawaii
stupid haoles aren't just ignorant about other cultures, but they think their better than other cultures because they don't know shit about them. they're stupid, they're rude, and they deserve an ass kicking by anyone they act stupid and rude too.
stupid haoles also think they know shit about other cultures, but what they know... is stupid, and not true. they get the facts wrong, and to add to that, they change it some more to something even worst.
they go around forcing their ways onto others because they think they're better, and they're right and everyone else is wrong!
lets bring it back to hawaii real quickly. those haoles who think that the haoles of the past didn't invaded and take over hawaii... please know, that you are a stupid haole. they imprisoned the queen, and forced an annex. even before that, when the first haoles came to hawaii... they brought diseases and illnesses that didn't exsist here before, as well as invasive animals and plants that destroyed many of our native ones. before the haoles came to hawaii, the hawaiians were prosperous and well in numbers; after haole arrival, their numbers dropped, and many aspects of the culture has been lost.
and because of stupid haoles of the past, that has happened to many different cultures... today, many stupid haoles think they're better than people of those cultures.
that stupid haole should shut the fuck up, because he don't know shit!

brah, you seen how rude that stupid haole was, they no teach respect or something where he/she from.

stupid haole bitch, no make like you know everything.

by xenoshi April 01, 2008
moke is a word used in hawaii, to describe someone who acts super local; they can be of different racial backgrounds, but mostly hawaiians.
their pidgin is usually heavier; they're like hawaiian macgyvers with their creativity, but their things usually aren't as cool. such as someone i know, who duct taped 2 mcdonalds tray to a piece of ply board, and used it to go grassboarding.
people often mistake mokes for being stupid, but they're not... they just have a different sense of thought; often not caring about things that people might consider important to intelligence, what they do know and know about, they're very smart when it comes to the facts of those.
brah, that moke went kick that haole guy's ass! good thing too, stupid fuckin' haole thought he was better than us cause we speak pidgin. that's one for the mokes brah.
by xenoshi April 01, 2008
haole is basically a hawaiian word for foreigner, but used mainly towards the whites.
like many other words, it's derogatory when used that way. you just have to listen to how its used. local haoles are sometimes mistaken for being from the mainland, and i hope they dont' get angered too much from it.
local haoles are usually much tanner than hoales from the mainland.
derogatory: you stupid fuckin' haole, shut your stupid haole mouth, or i will stick your stupid haole foot in it.

non-derogatory: i get chokage haole friends.
by xenoshi April 01, 2008

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