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7 definitions by x_ally

Tony Stonem from popular tv show SKINS. The hottest guy on there ;) His career rocketed from "About A boy".
"Hey, did you see Nicholas Hoult on SKINS last night?"
"Yeah mate he was bare gash!"
by x_ally February 28, 2008
83 11
A company that makes personalised greeting cards that has a really annoying song on the advert.
"Moooooon pig!
Moooooooon pig!
Moon pig dot com!"
by x_ally March 02, 2008
61 28
Like spooning and forking but when a girl, like, jumps on a guy and wraps her legs around him (in a wine glass shape).
Ally: So, what did you do with that guy last night?
Gertrude: Just spooned him and stuff... ;)
Ally: No forking or wine glassing involved?
Gertrude: GOSH NO.
by x_ally November 08, 2007
29 5
Ommfgdg! stands for Oh my mother fucking god damn god! Used on IM like MSN, to be used when omg or omfg is an understatement.
Ally says : And thn rite, he goes, "i didnt mean 2 lead u on i thought u understood that n im stil in love wiv her"

Bernie says: Ommfgdg!
by x_ally October 17, 2006
40 23
wkl as in way kool! or well kool! Only used in internet coversations on IM like MSN.
Bernie: Did u have fun at church 2day?

Ally: Yea! It was wkl!
by x_ally October 15, 2006
38 27
Hard to describe but here we go;
"bare" meaning "very" in this context, and "gash" meaning "amazing/ fit/ epic/ awesome/ ace/ orgasmic" etc.
"So what d'you think of Pete Wentz then?"
"Ahh mate, he's bare gash!"
by x_ally February 28, 2008
31 32
dp as in display picture. Only used on IM, like MSN.
Ally says: like mi dp??

Bernie says: y the fuk wud i want 2 see a pic of u naked?!
by x_ally October 15, 2006
367 390