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Tony Stonem from popular tv show SKINS. The hottest guy on there ;) His career rocketed from "About A boy".
"Hey, did you see Nicholas Hoult on SKINS last night?"
"Yeah mate he was bare gash!"
by x_ally February 28, 2008
A company that makes personalised greeting cards that has a really annoying song on the advert.
"Moooooon pig!
Moooooooon pig!
Moon pig dot com!"
by x_ally March 02, 2008
Like spooning and forking but when a girl, like, jumps on a guy and wraps her legs around him (in a wine glass shape).
Ally: So, what did you do with that guy last night?
Gertrude: Just spooned him and stuff... ;)
Ally: No forking or wine glassing involved?
Gertrude: GOSH NO.
by x_ally November 08, 2007
Ommfgdg! stands for Oh my mother fucking god damn god! Used on IM like MSN, to be used when omg or omfg is an understatement.
Ally says : And thn rite, he goes, "i didnt mean 2 lead u on i thought u understood that n im stil in love wiv her"

Bernie says: Ommfgdg!
by x_ally October 17, 2006
wkl as in way kool! or well kool! Only used in internet coversations on IM like MSN.
Bernie: Did u have fun at church 2day?

Ally: Yea! It was wkl!
by x_ally October 15, 2006
Hard to describe but here we go;
"bare" meaning "very" in this context, and "gash" meaning "amazing/ fit/ epic/ awesome/ ace/ orgasmic" etc.
"So what d'you think of Pete Wentz then?"
"Ahh mate, he's bare gash!"
by x_ally February 28, 2008
dp as in display picture. Only used on IM, like MSN.
Ally says: like mi dp??

Bernie says: y the fuk wud i want 2 see a pic of u naked?!
by x_ally October 15, 2006

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