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1. A frying pan

2. A incredibly awesome, face rawking band consisitng of four members, Jen Ledger, who plays drums, Korey Cooper, who plays guitar and keyboard, John Cooper, who is Korey Cooper's husband, who plays bass and is also the lead vocalist, and Ben Kasica, who plays guitar.
They just realeased their album, Awake.
Hey, where did my skillet go?

Have you heard the new Skillet CD? It rawks so hard!
by xRevolution09x August 27, 2009
An awesome, mind blowing song by the Beatles, a British rock band that changed the world as we know it.

Also covered by Aerosmith, another freaking awesome group.
Guy 1: Hey, did you hear Aerosmith's cover of Come Together, the Beatles song?
Girl 1: Yeah, it so rawked my socks off!
by xRevolution09x August 27, 2009
An alternative spelling of the word Rock, frequently used to refer to alternative music. Rock, in it's original form, is used more often to refer to classic rock 'n' roll acts such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and The Who.

Rawk usually used to refer to bands like Skillet, Family Force 5, and Hawk Nelson.

It is also the way Thousand Foot Krutch spells it in the song Rawkfist.
The Anberlin concert is so going to rawk!

I listen to rawk and I'm proud of it!
by xRevolution09x August 28, 2009
Emo is a music scene started in the mid '80s, as an offshoot of punk. Emo is, despite stereotypes, not all about cutting and suicide and crying. Emo is simply EMOtional. It's a music genre, and a state of mind.

People often hate on Emo because it's not "normal" or because it's cooler than them. These people are not cool. If someone insults you because you are a true emo, just ignore them or make a witty, intelligent comeback.
Uncool person: ew u emo u suck ur gay

Emo person: Step off.
by xRevolution09x March 16, 2010
The true way to spell poseur, a poseur is a way to refer to fake people. This could be someone who claims to be, say, emo when they cut themself, without know that emo is a genre of music and a state of mind. It's not cutting and suicide.

OR a poseur is a hater. They insult people who like Owl City, shop at Hot Topic, or do anything else that has slipped into the mainstream.
Poseur: ZOMG you listen to owl city, they are so gay! ur so gay!

Real person: um, one, Owl City isn't a band. Two, it's politically incorrect to call something gay, and three, step off.
by xRevolution09x March 16, 2010
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