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when a man rams his penis into a woman's anus so hard, his balls also enter the anus. best executed when shouting "HUZZAH!" shortly thereafter.
woman-harder! Harder!...wait...OW!!!

man-HUZZAH! The full admiral has arrived!
by xpipx September 17, 2007
Being sick to death of unanswerable puzzles or riddles
Since they don't have the crossword puzzle hot line anymore, these riddles have caused me severe asphinxiation.
by xPIPx August 06, 2010
Being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time
Dave's a multi-tasker; he accordionated without crashing into the guardrail.
by xPIPx August 06, 2010
A variety of English that uses a large number of initialisms, frequently used on blogs
His note on Facebook would be better if he didn't use so many LMAO and other blogish.
by xPIPx August 06, 2010
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