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a kickass album by the anarcho-punk band crass.
crass released the album 'penis envy' between the years 1900 and 2000.
by www.howtobepunk.com January 07, 2005
A store that supposedly sells identity to losers who say 'fuck the system!' and have no idea that by buying clothes to fashion their own 'identity' they are not only feeding the system through it's capitalist grips, but also buying into the system's ideology that states looks DO matter and personality and individuality can be bought in a store. Luckily there's bands that hot topic cannot sell patches and tshirts for because their politics are completely critical of the system hot topic thrives off of. Unfortunately, these bands are too underground for rich suburban rebels to know about, and if they did know about them, it wouldn't be about the politics, but the status of actually knowing the bands. Get some Crass you losers, with the grinding horrible sound, there's no way you can ignore the politics.
"lyke, HoT ToPiC rulez! i got an anarchy wristband from there which shows just how much i, lyke, hate the system!"

"yeah! nevermind the bollocks, anarchy in the UK...no wait, how does it go??"
by www.howtobepunk.com January 07, 2005
when you masturbate so much that your dick becomes flaky and peely.
My penis hurt because it was chafed after masturbating for the past 4 hours with sandpaper glued to my hands.
by www.howtobepunk.com January 07, 2005
Word that makes Dr. Larson go into uncontrollable convulsions and spasms of sheer excitement.
by www.howtobepunk.com January 07, 2005

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