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Abbreviation:Apes Communication System

If one can't be bothered to talkn talks in sign language.Also used when under distress,eg.acting out murdering something or bashing something with a hammer when disstress or annoyed at a particuler situation.
In the simpsons, when Homer is angry with 'the boy' he chokes 'the boy' this action or similar, minus 'the boy' this is a clear example of A.C.S
by www.evlear.piczo.com October 25, 2005
Old chav/chavette.Or a elderly chav/chavette
The gravchavs are going Bingo tonight.
by www.evlear.piczo.com October 25, 2005
a fight or fighting that usually includes happyslapping,puching kicking and children chanting BEEF BEEf
there was BEEF in school 2day
by www.evlear.piczo.com October 25, 2005
Derived from the Welsh for sweet or cute.Used to describe someone or something that is quite cute
When Johnny saw the kitten he exclaimed "aww thats so del"

hes got a del face
by www.evlear.piczo.com October 25, 2005
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