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Adolf Hitler's contigency plan to keep the NSDAP in power, in the event Germany was overrun by a uprising/ foreign force. The plan would be authorized by either Hitler or the General of the Heer (Army) Resrve, the plan would have all reserve soldiers and Waffen/ SS troopers secure key parts to the Reich's leadership.
- Colonel Claus Von Stuffenberg, General Olbricht, and the other July 20, 1944 (Hitler Assissination attempt) changed Valkyrie to exclude the SS from the plan, therefor, they could use the Heer to seize control of the Government and stop the Nazi Party (Without them even knowing it) the plan, needless to say, failed and over 5,000 where executed.
Operation Valkyrie was a key part to the July 20th plot.
by ww2wizzkid September 25, 2009
The most well known Assisination attempt of Adolf Hitler, the plan was carried out by the following (*= executed)
-Colonel Claus Von Stuffenberg*
-General Friedrich Olbricht*
-Major General Henning Von Treskow (Commited Suicide)
-Genreal of Communications Erich Fellbiebel*
-Colonel General Ludwig Beck (Attempted suicide)
NOTE: this is a very small list, many more where involved.

The plan was taken over by Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg after the leading officer was arrested by the Gestapo, the Conspirators had been planning for months before. On July 18 1994 Stauffenberg and his Aide where called to the wolf's lair (Hitler Private bunker) for a conferance, the chance to detonate the bombs never presented it self.

July 19 1944: Stauffenberg and Wenrer Von Haeften and called of by Olbricht before the bomb is armed. (reserve army was put on alert by Olbricht)
July 20 1944: One bomb is detonated by stauffenberg and shortly after Felllegiebel (Commanding Wolf's Lair Communications officer) Cuts all the lines. Staufenberg and Haeften fly back to Berlin to begin the take over of the government (Unknown Hitler is still alive)
Upon arrival Olbricht initiates Operation Valkyrie (Hitler's edited contingency plan) under General Fromm (Against the plot) and the government begins to be siezed by Stauffenberg

When the Conspirators learn Hitler is alive and the Army is comming to arrest them, they try to evacuate Beck ( who would become Chancellor), how ever a furious Fromm arrest them and almost all of them are executed by firing squad outside the Benderblock (Fromm was executed a few months later) Stauffenberg was reported to scream "Es lebe unser heiliges Deutschland!" ("Long live our sacred Germany!") before being shot.

Almost 5,000 others unassociated with the plot (Including Fieldmarshell Erwin Rommel) where executed in connection.

Today the execution site holds a memorial to the conspirators.
The July 20th plot 1944 plot could have ended there war and saved twice as many people

The 2008 film "Valkyrie" (Starring Tom Cruise) is about the July 20th 1944 plot.
by ww2wizzkid September 25, 2009
1. German for 'Missle toe'

2. A Hybrid plane made by the Luftwaffe in 1945 (Piloted by the Kg200) the aircraft consisted of a Focke wulf 190 (FW190) and a Junkers JU-88 medium bomber, with the nose converted into a high explosive tip. The Mistel was designed to destroy heavily fortified positions, but in 1945 with the war just about lost, the Germans used them to destroy bridges that the Allies where crossing.
The Mistel would be flown connected together and the Fw190 would seperate and fly back to base while the Ju-88 part flew into the target and detonated.
At christmas time Germans hang a Mistel.

The Mistel was one of the most suicidal tactics adopted by the Luftwaffe.
by ww2wizzkid October 12, 2009
1. The nickname for the October 1917 revolutuon in Russia, which had the Bolshevik party (Lead by Vladimir Lenin) seize control of the Czar held Government. The birth of modern Communision and beggining of the CCCP (USSR)

2. The fictional modified Typhoon Class (Russian Akula) ballistic missle Submarine in Tom Clancy's novel 'The Hunt for Red October'

3. Sometimes 'Red October' is used when refferring to the battle of Stalingrad (1942-1943) in which the German Whermacht tried to overun the City of Stalingrad in Russia.
Durring Red October the Communist took power in Russia

Did you read 'The Hunt for Red October'? Great book! Also a good movie.

The Battle of Stalingrad, or "Red October" was one of the bloodiest battles in Human history.
by ww2wizzkid October 10, 2009

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