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5 definitions by wucky

The use of innocuous but sometimes necessary small-talk with the passenger next to you prior to take-off.
She looked warily at me and so I commenced to break the silence speaking in simple, plane language: "How about this weather?"
by wucky December 08, 2010
A sudden surge of heat to the face, like a hot flash, when highly embarrassed.
He tried to be cool after farting, but his blush flash was a real give-away.
by wucky December 26, 2010
A painful moment before the flow of urine actually commences. This restriction is typically caused by an enlarged prostate that creates an agonizingly long wait between bladder and release.
“Sorry I took so long in there. I suffer from a prostwait condition.”
by wucky December 10, 2010
A sudden flow of burning hot shower water caused by the flushing of a toilet.
Ow! Who just flush flashed me?
by wucky December 26, 2010
A guy so crazy for his woman that he’ll do anything for her.
He’ll stand up to his bros, but he’s a real pussover around his girlfriend.
by wucky December 10, 2010