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4 definitions by wtfbsyeah

a substitute for mdma causes a hallacinagenic effect and is also the cause of the rumor of heroine based ecstasy.
tyler: lets look up these pills to see if theyre heroine or meth based.
shane: there is no such thing as heroine based rolls dumfuck!It's called mdea.
by wtfbsyeah October 26, 2008
price range for bud. 25 for a half bag(1.7grams) or 50 for and eighth(3.5)
jon: got any buds?
ray: yeah 25 50
by wtfbsyeah October 19, 2008
shit, sleep, smoke, roll
ron: thats all david does now is SSSR.
by wtfbsyeah October 26, 2008
let me get all of this straight everyone. Its short for the last name Figliola. Get it right bitches.
Yo wuddup Figgy
by wtfbsyeah November 03, 2008