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5 definitions by wstlnguy

Detritus or cells suspended in the aqueous of the eye which can be seen by staring into the light; Matter in the fluid of the eye which will settle or leave or appear; a naturally occurring phenomenon of aging;
When he looked at the light quickly and moved his eye he could make out the floaters suspended in his vision;
by wstlnguy July 13, 2009
10 4
A holiday beginning on October 31st and spanning through to December 31st, created to facilitate the retail season;
A season completely devoid of any spiritual, social or religious significance, devoted solely to bolstering the sales of National mega-chains;
A new opportunity for Hallmark Cards to create a non holiday
"Don, have you started your Halthanksmas shopping? Its getting late - yesterday was Labor Day!"
"Last year my parents really missed the boat on the Halthanksmas shopping sales, and the new Nintendo DS add on were all sold out by October- I'm so pissed",
"I can't believe I forgot to get Doreen a Halthanksmas card ,and gift certificate to Wal-Marts- I'm such a shitty boss...."
by wstlnguy November 12, 2009
4 0
Any floating object, usually fecal material or condom, flowing down an urban body of water
Danny dangled his fingers over the edge of the boat as it drifted downtown, until his had hit something soft. He recoiled and saw that it was a large brown East river trout
by wstlnguy June 26, 2009
2 1
Chorking. To do chores or home projects during time set aside as work from a home office;The act of blending work and chores, usually while working at a home office.
Sarah got up from the report she had to finish at her home office to fold the laundry sitting on the bed. After a few seconds she stopped realizing she was chorking.

Goofing off while working at home
by wstlnguy September 30, 2009
3 4
The waxy or semi solid substance in between your toes; usu consisting of sock particles, sweat and whatever else is in there.
After he took off his running shoes and socks, he bent down and removed the "nern" from between his toes; see also mung
by wstlnguy July 02, 2009
3 30