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Pulled Out of The Ass.
I'm not going to debate you any further if you can't tread on facts, instead of POOTA statistics.
by wrenchmonkey July 05, 2013
F*cked again from behind. Derived from the initails for Fairchild Air Force Base, WA, known for screwing over it's aircraft maintainers. Further expansion brings in the state initials: F*cked again from behind, Without Astroglide
Crew Chief #1: "I've only been here a month, and they're already deploying me for 120 days"
Crew Chief #2: "Welcome to FAFB"
by Wrenchmonkey August 11, 2005
the skanky nasty bitches your b/f cheats on you with
Did you see that bitch Chad was cybering with? She was Whorendous
by Wrenchmonkey May 17, 2006

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