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to relax, do nothing, to chill
I'm a little tired. I think I'm just going to gel out.
by Wordcraft May 26, 2014
To be concious of our planet's well-being. Taking responsibility for maintaining the Earth's natural resources.
"Look at Jake cleaning up all that litter. He's so enviro-sponsible."

"The All-New Toyota Prius Hybrid, efficient transportation for the enviro-sponsible driver."

"If only George Bush could be more enviro-sponsible!"
by wordcraft September 18, 2006
one who is overly preppy, fratastic, Republican. such an individual is typically in possession of Croakies, a Polo shirt, and Sperry Top-Siders.
"Yo D, lose the John Stockton shorts and the Croakies homeboy. You're turnin' goatman on us."
by wordcraft April 16, 2006
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