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when you see a girl at a long distance, and your not sure if it is she hot or not
hey do you see that chick way down there?
yeah but shes lady gaga'd right now we need a better look
by word destroyer May 23, 2010
somebody who frequents the website urban dictionary, and then insists on using the words/definitions in daily life
Joe: I was looking on urban dictionary for the word of the day man were they good.

Eric: Man your such an Urban Dictionaire
by word destroyer May 23, 2010
a new and hip way or saying absolutely
Mikey:do you think your phone charger will work on Sarah's phone
Me: absofruitly
by word destroyer May 23, 2010
while bottle poppin', holding a finger over the top of the bottle to thus allow a stream of liquid out almost in a hose like fashion. Usually with an extremely cheap brand of sparkling wine
Mike just ordered 20 bottles of Andre Champagne! Do you think he's gonna make it rain?
by word destroyer May 23, 2010
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