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Short for Orally Ramming A Noob
Dude I ORANed that guy so hard last night, he didn't even know what hit him
by woojoe7 February 18, 2010
Short for Fuck Shit Cock Balls
*hits hand with hammer*
by woojoe7 February 18, 2010
The area between the balls and the anus on a male's body whose name begins with an 'O'
Steve: I was licking Oliver's O-Zone hard last night
Tom: You're fucking disgusting man, keep that shit to yourself
by woojoe7 February 18, 2010
A person who inserts their penis into the keyhole of a door in an attempt to unlock the door, or for pleasure.
Tom: Man I never thought Steve was a door lock fucker.
Oliver: Yea he was riding that thing hard.
Melinda: I think he was locked out though.
by Woojoe7 February 18, 2010
The dimple located between the vagina and the anus on many slutty girls
Oliver: Hey so I heard you were hooking up with Sarah last night... did she make you lick her wazoo?
Steve: Yea... I don't wanna talk about it
by woojoe7 February 18, 2010

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