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When s.o. is trying to piss and nothing comes out he yells at his dick 'p diddy' or 'p you little diddy'
Come on! p diddy! p! Give it to me! p, damn dick!
by woobledoo1978 February 11, 2005
Homosexual male person
A: I'm gay!
B: Oh you're a buttyboy. Well, I don't care as long as you don't touch me
by woobledoo1978 February 13, 2005
When you are in a bad mood and frustrated you go bitchbashing which is nothing but beating whores up at night. After that you feel relaxed and go home in peace.
A: Damn, s.o. pissed me off at work.
B: Me, too. So, what's the plan for tonight?
A: I'm going to do some bitchbashing! Wanna join?
B: Hell yeah, let's beat those whores up real bad!
by woobledoo1978 February 11, 2005
s.o. who licks pussy all the time. his dick is too small so he uses his tongue
that dude is a lickomaniac
by woobledoo1978 February 10, 2005
A beautiful woman. BEYonce and Jennifer LOPez in 1 person
A: I met the woman of my life. Dude, she's a beylop
B: You are one lucky guy!
by woobledoo1978 February 14, 2005
A shnoozee (also shnoozy or shnoozey) is a male person who is over 30 years old and still living in his parents small house where he gets food and stuff for free. His mother sings the 'old mac donalds had a farm' song every night and he falls asleep with his thumb in his mouth.
He also asks his parents if he can stay out a little longer than 10 p.m.

His parents don't really care but accept the way he is.

It's just someone who refuses to grow up and get a real life.
Shnoozee: I gotta go home. It's 10 p.m. and I couldn't get my parents on the phone to let them know where I am and when I come home.
Female: Gee. You are 34. Are your parents more important than me?
You are such a shnoozee! I'm done with you!
by woobledoo1978 February 12, 2005
A shneedle is penis.
It comes from the German word Schniedel
My shneedle is bigger than yours ... Suck my shneedle, biatch
by woobledoo1978 February 11, 2005

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