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the ghetto way of saying street. usually when one is too lazy to use the correct pronunciation.
why did the nigga cross the skreet?
by Woobie May 28, 2005
a phrase mainly used by rednecks and other southerners to get a black male's attention in a rude, racial manner.
Old redneck: You n***er over there! Come here boy!
by woobie October 08, 2005
a dumbass former governor of california. he focused on giving money to stupid things like prisons instead of schools or the community. him and president bush would make perfect companions.
If you don't want to be like Gray Davis stay in school!
by woobie June 05, 2005
a mix of a caucasian and african-american heritage.
His momma is white and his daddy is black which makes him a whack person.
by Woobie May 29, 2005
The closest we've ever had to a black president.
Damn! This nigga Clinton is closest to ever bein a black pres! He did what he had to do to drop Hilary's ass and get wit Monica Lewinski.
by Woobie May 27, 2005
cloth or mesh that fit properly over the head and can be used for to enhance the appearance of "waves" on a persons head, keep braids un-nappy, or just to wear for style.
Guy 1:I'm wearing my doo-rag to get waves!

Guy 2: Dude, that looks like a head condom.
by Woobie May 29, 2005
one of the items u usually can't bring to school because it can start gangs. a bandana goes on your head for either fashion or hair purposes.
Bandanas are banned from school because of the bloods and crips!
by Woobie May 29, 2005

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