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26 definitions by woobie

acronym for

S- Son
O- Of (a)
B- Bitch

you stupid, SOB!!!!!! (when someone doesn't want to be too graphic by using the actual words)
by woobie October 10, 2005
344 129
the people who took so damn long just to help those in need of a certain hurricane that we are all too familiar with. partly George W. Bush's fault as well.
Congratulations FEMA, more than half of the Crescent City is underwater and people there are dying as we speak. what dumb@$$es.
by woobie October 10, 2005
190 92
the 4 words u never wanna hear when u think your relationship is going well.
Girlfriend: Jason, we need to talk.
Jason: (thinking) I'm screwed.
by woobie October 08, 2005
100 24
a phrase that's usually said when you're having sex. boosts ego and stimulation and expressing that the sexual activity feels great. it can either be said by the passive, the active or both partners.
yes, baby yes! uhhhh! oh! say my name! say my name!
by Woobie October 09, 2006
104 31
Our only hope for a black president.
Bill Clinton was the closest to a black president, but Barack Obama is ACTUALLY black and our only hope.
by woobie October 08, 2005
4153 4093
Items of such atrocities that do NOT exist!
Geroge Dubya: Hmmmmm, we've been searchin' for them weapons of mass destruction for about 4 years now and still ain't found none. Well, we must call for more American troops wasting there lives for no reason in Iraq! (when it should really be Afghanistan because of Al-Qaeda)
by woobie October 10, 2005
32 16
performing sexual relations with a corpse
Necrophiliac: C'mon you know you wanna perform necrophilia someday man. Remember, dead women never say no...
by Woobie October 09, 2006
30 17