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what was going to be Jennifer Lopez's new name until her and Ben Afleck broke up. See bennifer.
Ben Afleck + Jennifer Lopez = Jennifer Afleck.
by Woobie May 28, 2005
The winner of Fox's American Idol during its 4th season. Bo Bice placed second after her.
I wanted Bo to win American Idol.
by Woobie May 29, 2005
when someone who is not black calls a black guy that name because they're so angry at him they don't know what to call him
~The DMV~
white guy: Hey Tyrone your holdin' up the damn line!

black guy: Shut the *uck up n**ga! My license expired!
by woobie June 04, 2005
for me, the worst state in the country, filled with hippocrites, racists, hicks and rednecks. though columbia is the largest city there ain't nothin worth seein in this state except hilton head & myrtle beach.
How in the hell am I supposed to enjoy a place like South Carolina when I just moved from Cali?!
by Woobie May 30, 2005
Our only hope for a black president.
Bill Clinton was the closest to a black president, but Barack Obama is ACTUALLY black and our only hope.
by woobie October 08, 2005

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