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A timeless classic by oasis, a masterpiece which is considered by many to be among the greatest songs of all time
So sally can wait she knows its too late as she's walking by. and soooo sides await...but don't look back in anger i heard you say!
by wonderwallxpress August 09, 2006
A demonic 6 foot tall rabbit who is the cause and solution to most of Donnie Darko's problems. Probably the most haunting creature ever created for a movie
Man: Man, I saw Donnie darko today
Man 2:O, didn't Frank the Rabbit Freak You Out!?
Man: YEA!!
by wonderwallxpress August 05, 2006
A VERY original movie which is a turnning point in M. Night Shyamalan's carrer,as he embraces fantasy as his new movie genre. Very hyped about, probably his worst movie. Still a must-see
Lady in the water...ahhh what a waste, it could have been so much better!
by wonderwallxpress August 05, 2006

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