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A man who speaks about things not relevant to conversations. Also lives in your local dorm room.
Alex - "Man, I am so tired."

Brett - "Me too."

Alex - "Popsicles."

Brett - "Come on, Cheez. That has nothing to do with what we were talking about."
by wonderbrett February 19, 2009
A shit town in Southeast Kansas. In this shit town is a community college called Allen County Community College. It is the cheapest college you can get without fucking someone important. But, there is El Charro, a very delicious Mexican restaurant. The finest of dining in all of southeast Kansas. Get the Jalisco Special.
Brett "I went to Iola, Kansas today."

Nick "What a shit-fuck town."

Brett "I know, but that El Charro is fucking delicious."

Nick "Yeah."
by WonderBrett February 20, 2009
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