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The very epitome of godliness. A veritable genius creation. Better than PGNx.
dxdec kicks your ass.
by Wod February 08, 2003
a lestichute i a lezbian prostichute!! lestichute is something u call somone if u dont like them!
Person 1: I h8 u, u son of a bitch!!
Person 2: Shut the fuk up u fat lestichute!!! HAHAHAH!!!!
by wod April 28, 2006
1) A drainage ditch predominately used for corpse disposal.
2) A group of ninjas hiding in a paper bag.
"'ey, Vinny, throw that there corpse into the dyke, wouldya."
by Wod February 08, 2003
A predominately male expression derived from their fascination with breasts. Use as a slang term to describe something which is 'cool'.
"Dude! That's just titular!"
"Titular, just titular! It couldn't BE more titular!"
by Wod February 08, 2003
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