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the most retarded website ever created that acts as the biggest source for online shit-talking and drama. people who use it are just looking for another way to have their name on the tip of other peoples tongues. it is most popular among teenage girls ranging from 13-19 years who feel the need to know if/who is talking about them. this leads to multiple anonymous questions asked by perverts or people just looking to cause problems. in return, this leads to approximately 10.5 million girls crying on keyboards at least 2-3 times a week for a minimum of 1 hour if not more. do the math ladies and gentlemen. thats a lot of tears... and bullshit. end result; most accounts end up being deactivated by users.
15yr old girl: *calls bf, crying* omggg! this person on formspring said they heard i blew 3 guys at that party last weekend and asked me if it was true! now its all over the school and everyone thinks im a slut!

16yr old boy: its formspring.. what were you expecting to happen? but yea, i already heard about it in 5th period study...................... soo did you?
by wkmmlfkc March 27, 2011
When a pot dealer thinks that he/she is poPular and does not realize that the only reason people are blowing up their phone is for pot... not for anything else.
Pot dealer: Shit dude, all these kids are blowing up my phone today, i'm so popular!

Pot dealers friend: Why are they hitting you up so much?

Pot dealer: Oh, just for pot. nbd.

Pot dealers friend: Bro, you're not popular, you're just poTular, thats all. People just want your weed, not you're company...
by wkmmlfkc June 29, 2011
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