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City in Northern California, USA, named after the mission established there circa 1776 in the name of St. Francis of Assissi.

(In the RC Church, St. Francis is the patron saint of exorbitant house prices, sanctimonious hippies, solipsistic entrepeneurs, fabulous mincers, and lightning-fast metermaids.)
Leather, leather, leather, leather baby
Levi's and T's are the best now all right
Folsom, Folsom street on the way to Polk and Castro
You don't find them finer
Freedom, freedom is in the air, yeah
Searching for what we all treasure: pleasure
Take me to the bay, lead me to it, now, now
San Francisco / Oh I love ya / Yeah
by Witness10mm July 21, 2005
Command that follows a description of something to indicate that it's boring.
No hitting, alcoholism, or passive-aggressive behavior between you two? You call that a relationship? Bring a book!
by Witness10mm December 17, 2005
Every lazy student's friend.
The Internet is to plagiarism what crack is to violent, glassy-eyed babbling. --Suck.com
by Witness10mm October 05, 2005
n. attractive, young, and innocent-looking female. Can be traced to Hawaiian infotech emigres to the San Francisco Bay Area circa 1995.
You shoulda seen da hella moisties at that Tibetan Freedom Concert in Golden Gate Park last week.
by Witness10mm August 10, 2005
n. Crack cocaine dusted with phencyclidine. Appeared for several moments in Chicago the 1980s. Evidently its effects are so disturbing that neither hardcore dusters nor crackheads will do it twice.
User A: Let's do this spacebase I got.

User B: Later for that. I'd rather eat broken glass.
by Witness10mm October 01, 2005
n. Twist on old Parker Bros. board game, where players must smoke a bong hit upon being "Sorried!" Said to have its origins in MIT in the 1980s.
Engineering grad student: So, fellas, what'll it be tonight? Ookie-cookie or Bong Sorry!?

Microbiology grad student: Wow, I don't think either is very sanitary, do you?
by Witness10mm August 10, 2005
N. Extent to which wine adheres to the inside of a glass when swirled.
That '90 Grivot Les Boudets 1er cru has way better legs than the '92 Vieux Telegraph CdP.
by Witness10mm July 28, 2005

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