55 definitions by wise man

An alternative to saying, "Yes, you are right"
Stu: You're coming to Santa Pod this weekend aren't you?
Al: Fuckin A mate.
by Wise Man October 09, 2003
to fall over or crash badly resulting in great injury or damage
Stu: How did you break your legs?
Al: I was running down the stairs and i stacked it big time
by Wise Man July 15, 2003
The NES, predecessor to the SNES, nothing ever filled the gap that the NES left gaping, don't get me wrong, the SNES was good, but i always missed my NES
Antiques auction:
Auctioneer: And lot no 112 is a marvellous piece, a Nintendo Entrtainment System, complete with 'light gun'
by Wise Man July 17, 2003
wAnx0r slang for boobs
wow that rox0rz my box0rz 1337 80085 n00bz sux0rz shmeebz iodhvcijudv6v5rv46r5v465rv46eb54
by Wise Man October 17, 2003
To go quickly either by vehicle or on foot.
Christ! That car was winging it
by Wise Man July 14, 2003
To avoid or dodge someone.
I couldn't be arsed to talk to her, so i gave her the swerve.
by Wise Man October 02, 2003
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