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A really bad fart, one that smells like actual real ripe poo, you could be forgiven for thinking there is a real dollop of feaces is in the room. Can make you heave.
Me: Hey Stu, how's it going
Stu: Oh SHIT, that is serious aromatic abuse <wretches>
by Wise Man November 20, 2003
See cunt
The accounts department? Oh, you mean the room full of beaurocratic cunts!
by Wise Man October 17, 2003
When you wrap a towel around your forefinger and give your ringpiece a good scrub after taking a shower.
Mary: Whats all these brown marks on the towel?
Bill: Oh, sorry, i was doing some key hole surgery.
by Wise Man November 19, 2003
1) Sound made by any pneumatically inflated object when burst.
2) Slang word for sex.
1) "Just a couple more puffs and your baloon will be full" BANG!!!!
2) Stu: So, what did ya do last night?
Al: I banged my girlfreind man.
by Wise Man October 09, 2003
Place that gave me food poisoning and seems to operate an 'asian only' workforce scheme.
They have to do one thing - fry chicken - and they still manage to fuck that up.
by Wise Man October 07, 2003
To vomit, to be sick, to regurgitate
I ate so much i laughed lunch all over the carpet
by Wise Man July 11, 2003
When you take a shit in the wash hand basin and the turds slide down the sides of the sink leaving trails. Excellent when used against sworn enemies, especially effective is you have a case of the raging squits or ja rule
Heh heh, lets go, i just left Rob some chocolate slugs with a little bit of the raging squits at the end
by Wise Man November 20, 2003
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