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When a man named Jim engages in sexual intercourse.
Ivanka: Wow did I get jimboned last night, it was amazing.
by wiscon-sin January 15, 2007
whilst engaging in a sexual act, one of the partners, (normally male) strikes the other partner in both eyes. The two black eyes creates the illusion of the other partner being a raccoon. While the raccon-looking partner is having trouble focusing their vision, you push them towards the door, and knock over the garbage can on their way out of the room.
after I gave her the bucking bronco, I proceeded to execute the raccoon on dat dirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty slut
by wiscon-sin January 13, 2007
The partaking in inserting of the penis in a females asswhole. Rule number A is ofter used when you see an attractive girl(s) and do not wish to say that you would stick it in their butt in front of them.
I would definately follow rule #A with that chick.

by wiscon-sin January 13, 2007
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