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A beast that comes out when it is 25 degrees below zero. It can rip your head off, it can fly as high as a bird, and it can bite your face. It has killed as many as 100,000 people. It can also stab you in the ass.
The chicken cow attacked my brother. It stabbed him in the ass while he was in the cold. His ass was frost bitten. His ass was also numb.
by willisisgod April 25, 2003
A schizophrenic outburst.
It was a real demon hell ride when the voice in my head caused me to cuss at my friends.
by willisisgod April 25, 2003
When used as a verb, it means to kill.
Tree his ass and plunder him of his cash money.
by willisisgod April 26, 2003
When used as a verb, it means "to dispose of."
After you shoot him, be sure to dumpster his dead ass.
by willisisgod April 19, 2003
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