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simply where the width of a penis is more than than the length, the owner of the chode is usually rejected from all communities meaning he has to start up his own "chode community", but you can always single out the chode community because it's typically just three fat blokes who hang around together a lot, and who you can clearly see have a chode outlining in their high-up tight trousers
Barry: Ya wanna suck on my cock, darling?
Jill: So long as you don't have a chode!!!
Barry: oh .. ok .. I'm just going to go over there now
by Willis McGee July 21, 2006
Definitions aside, there was a very suspicous boom in ethnics getting jobs when this conception came into play.

One particular black I once asked on the topic claimed "NAH bruv, that shit is just a coincidence", he has a wife, three children and two cats, now working very hard, residing at a Boots store and being a much appreciated statistic
Interviewer: What makes you think you should get the job here at B'n'Q?

Potential Employee: Well the only reason I can think of is that I'm disabled .. and even though I can't carry out jobs as well as your average enabled man, I'm fully aware that B'n'Q really do need to fill out their criteria of having a certain amount of disabled people

Interviewer: You're wrong ... you are getting the job because you are black (Announcement) Would all of the white employees with good qualifications please leave the B'n'Q store and make way for the disabled black man ...

Asain man: What about me? I'm a bit racial

Interviewer: Errr, sorry what's wrong with you? I don't see any missing limbs, you won't be recieving any positive prejudice goodies today mate
by Willis McGee July 27, 2006
1) An emerging slang word for "money", whereby the second part being "Kash" has obvious links to currency. Used mostly in areas of South London where gangsters and normal civiliians alike enjoy giving their money a 'character feel', i.e. by having a full name. Other rival names for money in this sense include Jonny Kash and a more comicalKash Ting Kash

2)(Its history comes from the) MTV presenter who's name is ironically Tim Kash, he is asain and looks like Amir Kahn, some even say he IS Amir Kahn.
Dillan: Hey David, did you buy that Dildo for your Dad yet?

Dwight: LOL, nah David was outta Tim Kash init!

David: Shut up Dwight, I just didn't have time did I, I'll get my Dad a Dildo don't you worry about that. Tim Kash is no problem with me.
by Willis McGee July 26, 2006
a wagon that gladly takes aboard cock / cocks. This insult has two levels, the first being that they are associated with cocks, whilst the second implies that they take on cocks regularly and the choice of wagon is perhaps the worst possible vehicle to apply deepening the insult further.

Man1: I would begg it off of anyone, I would even begg it to a cock

Man2: Get away from me you cock wagon

by Willis McGee July 20, 2006
Talking like a cock. A type of incoherent language mainly associated with being a dick
Boy: All I want to do is sit on a nice cock, suck on a nice dick

Boy2: Mate, you're talking in dick-jargon
by Willis McGee July 20, 2006
A person who is such a nob, they receive this title on the basis that it is their occupation - as if they are employed to be a nob.

Rather than just being a nob, it is applied whereupon they behave like this regularly and "nobster" usually becomes their actual name from then on.
Normal Person 1: Yeh, so as I was saying, Charlton are going to get relegated and the spurs to take all

Normal Person 2: That is so not true, Chelsea are going to win the cup again

Nobster: Hey guys, litsen, I don't wanna chat about football so I'm gunna completely change the topic, has everyone been watching Big Brother lately?

Normal Person 3: Fuck off you nobster, so yeh I reckon Arsenal are gunna take it.
by Willis McGee July 16, 2006

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