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No real meaning, but on usage one may receive an image of the subject (the person who you are using the cuss on) sucking on the left breast of an old lardy woman, something which presumably the subject would rather not have people around him thinking about himself.
Literal example:

"The other day I sucked on the left breast of an old lardy woman"

"Fuck, I was gunna cuss you but what you've done means that you actually ARE a tit-munster"
by Willis McGee July 19, 2006
ridiculous terminology for "people"

see suicidal vocabulary
James: Hey, I'm jus going to chill with my peeps

Will.i.am: You say what? Do you wanna get a smack in your mouth. There's human beings around us that just heard you say that and I'm associated with you. I ever hear you say that in my presence again its all over I SWEAR DOWN. "peeps" ! you fucking cunt

James: You've shown me the error of my ways and my life threatening choice of words. I can only apologize so much.
by Willis McGee July 26, 2006
see bullshit

see bollocks

retette ghewthojo epr tjw wiep rjwipr iopj wiofr wjelffioj wrlthgio jh uiiuuiorip we f sf o lsfd gl wdhfawregfui er ha ha ha
Person1: swrfe e ghip erwgho
Person2: shu wefh opuwieuoet w0e57883057 jkg kl;
Person3: eaw houo rd auageog!!!!

This is perhaps the best example of a SHIT definition, you have walked away learning nothing except that I am a cunt. Cuntraversally, many people post in SHIT no better than this. Down with the digital cunt! Down with the computing cunt! Down with ALL cunts!
by Willis McGee July 27, 2006
The state of something being potentially too long a process, outweighing the perceived achievement that might come with it

Warning: Do not utter such words as these in front of real gangsters, they will feel ridiculed at the mocking use of their language and may even weep
Billy: Hey Philip, do you want to catch a bus to heathrow to play on one of the arcade machines that they have out in the airport?

Philip: LONG TING GASH. and you're a dickhead as well for suggesting something like that, nah mate, I'm on a tenfold bash anyway. jus long ting gash

Billy: my bad
by Willis McGee July 21, 2006
an exclamation of shock or suprise, based on the convience of the words "RAHHHH" to deal with the initial shock stage and "DIGGA" as the comedown and realisation

there also happens to be a most peculiar woman rapper who hides her butters face behind large sunglasses and shares the same 'name' as this expression, whilst busta rhymes has his hand up her ass puppeteering her every move (quite literally).
Jonny: I just won the lottery
Billy: Don't bullshit me, mate, I'm no fool
Jonny: No seriously, look at the ticket in my hand, I ACTUALLY did win
Jonny: Rah digga? You keep using words like that mate and you won't have a share in my winnings
by Willis McGee July 26, 2006
to be simultaneuosly fat and so annoying that I myself am taking the pains to use the urban dictionary to relieve myself of my anger towards her continous existence and her current inabilty to die

No example exists other than Missy Elliot herself

Small essay on Missy Elliot:

Missy Elliot - all that fat bitch can chat about is her "chubby waist" .. you think i give a shit about that? do i wana hear about her lard? no. and whats that shit about "i got a cute face": she is evidently butters

she has also recently reffered to herself as having "(i got)beyonce hips"; comparing her own body structure to beyonce knowles in the remix of "Touch It" - I am horribly offfended by this claim and was physically sick when I first heard it

In conclusion, Missy Elliot is the shittest rapper ever, she can only talk about sex and her presumably 'buff body' & she's not being ironic either - she actually belives the shit she says. Someone needs to put an end to her vile misogynist 'music' once and for all - YES I am suggesting she be shot the fuck down
by Willis McGee July 18, 2006

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