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3 definitions by whynotbeme2

1: (adj) That which is full of taste, or generally pleasing to the senses.
2: (adj) Something which would be delicious, if created. Also, an idea which is appealing

Your ear is tasteyful. *nom*


Maddie: I want a licence plate that says "THE GAME" just to tick people off.
Me: That's tasteyful.
by whynotbeme2 May 28, 2009
Impregnated; knocked up, made to be with child.
mc chris: She disrobed her party clothes and then said I'm sorry love, I'm embarrassed she got carriaged while in Paris from some thug.
by whynotbeme2 September 22, 2010
1: Collaborating and working with others in an informal environment.

2: Working on a hobby or personal project with other interested people.
It may seem like I'm working when I'm writing code, but I'm actually coplaying.
by whynotbeme2 April 03, 2013