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Owned by the phone. The phone controls your life. The phone rings - you obey its command. NOT answering the phone is not an option. You are powerless. Regardless of the hour, you will obey its desire no matter how ridiculous the request. Think you had other plans? Forget it. The phone rings and you are phowned.
OMG I have this final tomorrow and I so needed to study, and then the phone rings and now I have to go and meet Francine so I can listen to her whine about her boyfriend all night. I am so phowned!
by wheaty May 08, 2008
Type of marriage proposal used by Filipina women to western men. Implies endless sex and balut in exchange for a house in Manila Mesa, CA and financial support to everyone in her extended family for as long as you shall live.
Patron: Get a San Miguel please.

Bargirl: Oh hot daddio, buy me honda, I love you no shit!

Patron: Just beer, thanks.
by wheaty June 08, 2005
Close to Hoser in meaning. Used to address friends or familiar people. Likely originated in Southeastern Canada or Maine in the US.
Hey honyak, get the lead out!
by wheaty May 27, 2005
The part of the brain connected to the back of the throat that regulates the intensity of a gag reflex. Upon receiving sensory input from the brain, the gag-o-magnifier then calulates the gag factor - taking into account synergistic variables such as alcohol or drug over indulgence, excess pie intake, and outside influences such as a blast of shit.

Gag-o-magnifier is from the Ninja Turtles cartoon.
Riding in the back of Elrod's Pinto across West Texas after a bottle of tequila and some peyote buttoms, the gag-o-magnifier kicked into warp mode and had me hurling like exorcist girl.
by wheaty May 28, 2005
A shipboard plummer. A Navy nickname given to Hull Technicians (HT) for being the ship's roto-rooter experts.

Nothing sexual implied, but the possibility is there obviously
Hey Chief, the head (crapper) is clogged up again. Call out the turd chasers.
by wheaty May 28, 2005
Kogal actually means high school girl. The Japanese 'ko' from kokogakkou (highschool) is combined with the english word for girl - gal, or kogal. The Japanese language doesn't have the sounds to properly pronounce gal, so the closest they can come is gyaru or kogyaru.
These kogal all wear cute little uniforms to school and every Japanese man and a whole lot of non-Japanese men jack themselves silly fantasizing about these young ladies.
In Japanese porn movies the girls are almost always kogal in uniforms hence the entry of kogal into the english tongue.
The Japanese high school girls or kogal look pretty hot in those cute little uniforms.
by wheaty May 25, 2005
1. To pound mochi rice with a wooden mallet repeatedly until its beaten into a gooey paste. Usually done around new years for the new years feast on the first.

2. To get laid. To pound the poozle. (Hawaiian pidgeon of Japanese immigrant origin)
1. Hiroshi keeps an old hollowed out stump in the shed to pound the mochi around oshougatsu.

2. Ay boss, my wife stay home today, I go home lunch time and pound some mochi.
by wheaty June 09, 2005

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