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Hawaiian slang for a local person of Japanese ancestry. Not considered derogitory. Being termed Buddah head by locals implies acceptance. See Katonk) for Hawaiian slang for mainlander Japanese Americans/Canadians.
See da brudda with the slippers and no shirt? He's not Japanese, he's a buddah head.
by Wheaty June 22, 2005
Same as thirsty, but with different modifiers.
a: You be thirstage?

b: Maximum thirstage.

c. Thirstage like a hot dog.
by wheaty May 29, 2005
An effect in investment trading where the best intentions always result in disaster. If a sum is placed in stocks, the market will immediately collapse. You then Deeter and transfer your stocks to bonds as a stop loss. The stock market then rallies to all time highs and the bond market languishes causing you to Deeter again and transfer your bonds to stocks at a great loss in hopes of catching the market rally.
I put my money in stocks and the market dropped so I did a Deeter and put it in bonds and then the stock market rallied and I did another Deeter and put it back in stocks. I lost my ass! Damn my Deeter ways!
by wheaty August 30, 2007
1. A US Navy club.

2. A dive, mostly frequented by US Sailors.

3. Any place serving liquor in plastic cups and beer in cans to avoid unnecessary lascerations during bar fights. Characterised by chaos, the smell of blood and urine, and loud crappy music, .
The bar at the base in Naples was such a festering wound that the name became the festering wound.
by wheaty May 28, 2005
Someone easily spun up over any non-event.
Lets pull the tazmaniam devil off the ceiling. He's gotten himself spun up over nothing again.
by wheaty May 29, 2005
Jamaican word for ass. Also raz'ol for asshole.
Kiss me raz.

Foop you raz, you and shite be de same ting.
by wheaty July 07, 2005
Another work for skank, but nastier. There were two men's magazines in the 60's called 'skank' and 'skutch.' Both featured chunky 20 something white broads with big saggy titties, bleach blond hair, red lips and nails, and a cigarette.
Uh, dat one nasty skutch, can smell her through the TV.
by wheaty May 25, 2005

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