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the alternate gender for chicktionary, so a chick's phone with lots of dudes numbers in it
When a chick needs a booty call, she cracks open her dicktionary.
by whatsupimphil July 19, 2009
asian car, such as a toyota, honda, nissan, hyundai, kia, or mitsubishi. commonly runs on soy sauce instead of gas
rice cookers include toyota corolla, honda civic, etc
by whatsupimphil July 12, 2009
a portmanteau of bench press and walk it off, to bench it off is to work off a physical or emotional injury by bench pressing; works best with heavy weights
My friend broke his arm, so I invited him to come to the gym with me to bench it off. Now his arm's all better and his bench press has increased by 20 pounds.
by whatsupimphil July 16, 2009
When someone is so good looking they become intimidating, originated from the scrabble skit on the sketch show.
Mack and Vine are playing Scrabble and Mack begins a conversation by announcing that he went on a date the previous night. When asked by Vine how the date went, Mack replies "Nice girl, bit quazoosl". He then goes on to explain "you know, quazoosl - when someone is so good looking they become intimidating". He then gives an example stating that Liz Hurley would qualify as quazoosl. When the conversation finishes Mack asks whose turn it is and when Vine tells him it is his, he knowingly replies "Is it really?" and unsurprisingly all his letters spell "quazoosl".
by whatsupimphil July 12, 2009
The action of preventing two lesbians from hooking up; the equivalent of cock blocking for lesbians.
Stop double sided dildo blocking! I want you to go home so I can have sex with my girlfriend.
by whatsupimphil December 06, 2007
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