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The first dog in orbit, carried aboard Sputnik II on November 3rd, 1957. Literally "Barker" in Russian. Laika was supposed to have died four days into the orbit by a package of poisoned food, but died much earlier, a few hours into the flight, due to overheating. Formerly a stray, Laika was at once the most lucky and most unlucky dog in the world.
Laika will never come home.
by what-the-shit December 13, 2003
A series of Russian artificial satellites sent into orbit during the late 1950s. Literally "fellow wanderer" in Russian. Sputnik I made history on October 4, 1957, by becoming the first man-made object put into orbit. Sputnik II would follow later, this time carrying Laika, the first dog in space.
Sputnik I amazed and terrified the American public: the small blipping dome made an orbit every ninety minutes, a symbol of Soviet space supremacy.
by what-the-shit December 13, 2003
Literally 'sure'. Usually follows fo', which is a bastardisation of the english preposition "for". Can be used in conjunction with 'heazy'.
Fo' sheazy! ... You know, off the heazy?
by what-the-shit December 04, 2003

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