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Idiot, fool, short for Cretin.
"Oi you almost ran over that cat, you great cret!"
by Scalamoosh April 28, 2004
30 8
To 'cret' is to feel a desire/thirst/need (generally for cannabis). To be 'creeted' is to have had that need met; to be satisfied/contented. Origin: East Oxford, '90s.
James: I cret for a zoot
Amit: *produces baggy* bro, check the crystals in that shit!
James: that creets me
by curtisjibson September 18, 2007
8 6
A person that is prude but all the hotties love him. Many people are like this, as i know many. They usually have some fucking stupid comeback when you make fun of their prudeness like, "Do ya smell me dawg?!" or some other lame shit.
Jamie: I'll ask Shawna out tonight, dawg.

Chris: That's what you said the first eight times.

Jamie: I'm serious this time.

Chris: OOOkay (sarcastically)


Chris: Did you ask her out last night.

Jamie: Well... (a few lame-ass excuses later...)

Chris: You're a cret.
by wetdickallnight August 05, 2009
163 205