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A person who is half Mexican and half French. They live in the country frexico and speak the language franish. They enjoy many types of Mexican and French foods, but they really love frexican food, such as guacamole crepes.
franish- Hola! Je m'appelle Bonjour Guacamole Carlos Oui Oui! (Hi! My name is Bonjour Guacamole Carlos Oui Oui!)
Dude, that guy over there is such a frexican!
Guacamole crepes are a frexican dish.
by WeRtY October 22, 2014
a sex act commited in a hurry
"I'm going to be late for work, but thanks for the fastfuck!"
by werty April 24, 2003
a cookie dog
goddamn browniehound!
by werty April 24, 2003

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