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-Its official because its on facebook-
A remote island in the Gulf of Mexico. A land where Teh-Kwhy-luh flows free and good times are had then forgotten. A place where staches grow and you can be a bro. A tropical snowy paradise. A place chalked full of thats what she saids and because you touch yourself at nights.
-We dont have bums, we have broke-xicans.
-You know how Eskimos have 50 names for snow? We have 50 names for tequila.
Confirmed Population: Twelve. Maybe Thirteen according to official facebook reports. Still Growing.
Official slogan: "thats what she said"
Official sport: Eiffel towering
Official Food: Salsa Pizza

***To get inducted you have to take a shot with the founders... AND go on a super secret operation with them.****
"the only thing that COUNTS for anything in Frexico
is an empty bottle..."
"is it bad that it tastes better with every shot?"
"I <3 Frexico"
"Man i wish i was in Frexico right now!"
"Hey wanna go to frexico tonight?"
"Man i got eiffel towered in frexico last night... great time"

If you can't cut a lime...Fuck you
by Cofounder. April 11, 2008
9 4
After Mexico and French-Canada invade America, the Mexicans and the French-Canadians will combine forces after meeting in the middle of america during the final invasion and establish a country of taco-loving Justin Beiber fans willing to work for cheap rates and producing crappy goods. The population of Frexico (Frexicans) hate all Americans, African-Americans, and the Chinese and will eliminate them at all costs.
Bush was probably from Frexico, because only a Frexican would put our country in that state of war.
by frexicanresistanceforce April 23, 2011
2 1
where everyone wants to be.
and the tequila flows free.
in our around our mouths.
"I want some frexico...in or around my mouth"
by Cofounder. April 11, 2008
4 3