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2 definitions by webbo1973

–noun a person who is especially interested in high quality breasts and associated paraphanalia.
"note how the aureola and nipples are in perfect proportion on this photo and the angle of nipple elevation is within acceptable tolerances"

"why sir, you are truly a mammophile"

"thank you sir"
by webbo1973 October 28, 2009
11 0
–noun the preferred angle at which the nipple juts from the breast - the ideal being a classic 90°. Many favour the contempary upward angling, however there is consensus that a nipple elevation factor of -45° if frowned upon in modern society, however there are many african tribes where this degree of droopage is highly sought after.
"I say, look at the nipple elevation on those"

"why, you could hang you coat on those sir"

"indeed sir, those are not dissimimlar to Scammel Wheel Nuts"
by webbo1973 October 28, 2009
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