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A cat at the shelter you can have immediately without waiting 30 days for neutering and are cheaper than your average cat.
"You cannot have that cat without waiting 30 days, but these clearance cats over here are available immediately for the low, low price of 10 dollars".
by wb7ond August 31, 2011
That large xray machine the TSA uses at airport security to display a naked view of unsuspecting travelers.
Hey Bill, after I pass through the pornoview machine I'll meet you at the airport lounge.
by wb7ond August 12, 2011
Refers to any of the box shaped automobiles similar to the Korean KIA Soul that uses hamsters in their tv commercial.
Hey, I heard Bill bought a new car yesterday." ""Yea, he got one of those new rodentcars.
by wb7ond February 04, 2011
That special sequence of decorative pillows on the bed that has to be replicated the next morning after you arise and fix the sheets and blankets. A technique handed down through generations of women known as the pillow puzzle.
Wife to the husband: Dear, did you make up the bed? Husband: Yes, all except for the pillow puzzle.
by wb7ond August 24, 2010

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